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Today : Project to extend a third hall along the A31 motorway at the same site. Investment in a new high performance insulating glazing production line.

2002 : New extension for a moulding facility.

1998 : Construction of a second 2500 m² manufacturing facility.
Supervisors Pascale and Didier ROCHE.

1992 : Transfer to a limited company : Michel DESCHANET chairman,
Pascale ROCHE DESCHANET managing director, Didier ROCHE
commercial director.

1991 : Start of manufacture of insulating glass.

1982 : Pascale DESCHANET joins the business after studying design
and the environment.

1977 : Establishment in Zac d’Augny, initially with a 2500m2 factory.

1968 : The workshops are transferred to 75 Route de Lorry in Metz.
There are many building sites in the Lorraine coal and iron area.
Reliability will make the business a success, led by Michel DESCHANET
and his team leader Pierre FREBY, a high-powered duo.

1963 : The start of the glass mirror business and they open a wallpaper and paint
shop at 81 Route de Thionville.

1959 : Michel DESCHANET and his wife Colette decide to set up in Metz.

SA Michel Deschanet with a capital of 350 000 euros - Zac d’Augny 57685 AUGNY - phone. +33 (0)3 87 38 33 33 - Climalit Partners - Credits