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Notre savoir-faire

Building on our experience in installing glass, we became suppliers
and manufacturers
of CEKAL insulating glass.


For quality products we are equipped with high-performance machines :

- Two automatic insulating glass production lines allow us to make sizes
up to 5000x2500Ht, producing double and triple glass.

(watch : our new production line).

- Our factories use rectilinear polishers for high-quality on glass from 6mm
to 40mm thick.

- Bullet-proof, toughened and fireproof glass are cut in our workshops.


Thus we can meet any equirement (protective, shower screens, doors, mirrors, tabletops, shelves, renovation of glass murals, credenzas, staircases, glass paving, window panes...)

We make all these products to order.

We work in the eastern region, the Paris area, France, Luxemburg, Belgium and Germany in response to the needs of our clients.

Partners :

With the financial support of the "Grand Est" region and the European Union by the FEDER (Fond Européen de Développement Régional).

And also thanks to the contribution of...

région lorraine

Our compagny, SA Michel DESCHANET, signed a charter of commitment in december 2010 with climalit partners.

This partnership is offering us the support of Saint Gobain Glass, the first european manufacturer of flat glass.This leader helps us to improve the quality and the performance for our products and services.

- Mutual exchange of experiences and knowledge.
- Sharing ideas about major subjects in the building and regulations domains.
- Tools for training.
- Audit of quality.
- Caring and individualized advices about choices and solutions in glazing domain.
- Development of products applying europeans standards, regulations and used to reach the objectives of the "Grenelle de l'Environnement".
- High manufacturing standards exceeding the usual french market's demands.
- Ethical respect.

This professional network in glass domain and Saint-Gobain Glass share their knowledge to reach an unique objective : performance.

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